Power of Woman

the power of a woman

Creating Your Life By Design

Master class

Power is your birthright. Step into yours. Vision Your Life Into Being.

When a woman awakens to her power,
mountains move. Doors open.

Futures shift.

Divine woman, right now you feel like you want something more out of life, like something is calling you to live a bigger life, and you are yearning to open up to a whole new experience of yourself. It can be as scary and exhilarating all at the same time! I understand it, but once you allow me to guide you, you’ll shift from uncertainty and the occasional (or not so occasional) freakin’ out, to rising up in divine femme presence, sensuality and power to create your own life, your way. Only then can you live the life of your hearts desires.

You are being called to claim your inherent power. To rise up and learn how to be a conscious creator. Life is so much more blessed this way! You may as well learn now because at this point in the game, you know TOO much to go backwards. You will either be forced towards your dreams kicking and screaming, or you will go in a graceful creative flow as the Powerful Divine Woman you truly are.

If you are ready to go in grace and creative flow, join me for a Powerful Master Class on Creating Your Life By Design, so you can learn the ways of the Alchemist and create your life from your heart.

In this master class I will teach you exactly how you work, the Laws of the Universe work, how to harness them to create your dreams into reality, and how to speed up your manifestations so you can experience more of what you want. They don’t call me “The Queen of Rapid Transformation” for nothing. I am also going to teach you the #1 activation tool for bringing you even closer to the Divine so you can work at ONE with the UNIVERSE and bring your desires to YOU, and the #1 clearing statement you need to instantly cancel your “negative” thoughts and feelings, and strengthen and quicken the manifestation of your dreams into your reality, fast.

What we feel is 5,000 times more powerful than what we think. Learn how to use your body as a magnet for all the good things in life. Show up live and learn how to Engage the Law of Attraction so you can fill your life with all the experiences you yearn for in Love, Money, and Soul Purpose Expression= Divine Fulfillment.

Use your power to create your piece of Heaven on Earth like the Divine Goddess you are

Randina is the real deal

“Just in case anyone was wondering if Randina was legit!! I have been actively doing every single manifesting trick out there for 20 full months to manifest my dream car! Day 5 in her sacred money challenge and I got word that we qualified for a loan providing we came up with the down payment!! Which was no big deal because taxes were coming back within days right? Wrong! (had some healing and forgiving to do) Then out of nowhere, the money just showed up! Today! On a Sunday! Serious! Randina is the real deal! Thank you girl! I owe you sooo much!.. Just one day after the Sacred Money Workshop! Talk about rapid Transformation!”

Celeste Johansen

Everything is working out perfectly!

“Money is manifesting, I’m getting things for free, or huge discounts, my relationships are better with people... the shift is in progress.. I’m not ‘waiting’ on it anymore! Thanks to you Randina, my life is unfolding before my very eyes, in all aspects! Thank you for sharing your gift with us!”

Robin R.

So far, Divine Woman, you have only scratched the surface of what's possible when you know exactly how to engage your power and interact with The Universe.

You are a complex Goddess with so many levels of consciousness, past traumas and experiences, with a unique set of beliefs that are standing in the way of your windfall.


you can shift everything.

In this Master Class I will be teaching you valuable processes that you will use for the rest of your life to heal, clear, and magnetize your dreams to you as if by magic. If you have spent any time with me at all, you know the Power of this work. You also know that I’m not a bullsh****r. I am as real as they come and I only teach tried and true processes. You also know that I am Powerful as F*** and healing is experienced in all of my classes and throughout all of my work. It’s time to stop pretending you are powerless and LEARN THE RULES TO THIS GAME OF LIFE, AND BREAK THEM! So you can live the life you came here to live!

PS. I am going to engage the Power of The Divine Feminine and flow through some Divine Feminine Awakening activations in the class! Get ready to feel the Power of the Goddess like never before. This alone will awaken the Creative Goddess within and set you on fire.

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Randina has truly changed my life

“After working with Randina, I was able to heal parts of myself that were blocking an abundance of blessings to flow into my life. One of these blessings I've experienced recently was money flow opening up for me. I got a $4,000 bonus. I have told Randina several times how grateful I am for her, because she has truly changed my life in more ways than one!”

Taylor G.

the magic is happening


(if you can’t make it live, Sign up and receive the recording after the class, it’s going to be epic).

I am going to teach you:
  • The number one tool you need to clear limitations and triggers on the spot so you can stay in alignment and attract what you want rather than what you don't.
  • How to literally become the magnet for your desires and double and even quadruple your income within the next few months.
  • The #1 chakra clearing tool that no one knows about.
  • How to discover your gifts and engage the Power of the Angelic Realm to create your life (yes they are very real), so you can manifest your desires like the spitfire you are.


Who am I?

Randina Marie is The “Queen of Rapid Transformation”.

I work with women to Awaken their inner Feminine Power to create, to heal the inner wounding that is secretly creating their outer reality, and to Align them with their Souls True Divine Purpose; so they can experience their hearts true desires in Money, Love, and Blissful Success.

I am an intuitive and an empath and have Clairvoyant and Clairsentient abilities that I use to facilitate the healing of the pain body within people (traumas, inner child work, and limiting beliefs). I have the gift of sensing and healing core fractures and hidden limitations, blocks, and barriers within people, releasing them from the karmic density cycle (Karmic Density cycle= repeating painful patterns and lessons over and over) so they can be free to do what they came here to do. I teach women how to engage the Power of the Divine and create the life of their dreams while living their purpose. I am a Licensed Master Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner, a Certified Life Coach, a Certified Master Weight Loss Coach, a Certified Motivational Coach, a Certified Social and Emotional Intelligence Coach, a Reiki Practitioner, a Past life regression therapist and an Energy Healer. I am also a certified HYMS (Heal Your Money Story) Money Coach. I am the Creator of The Divine Effect TM, Author of “The Power of a Woman”, and Founder of The Power Of A Woman Transformational Coaching and Empowerment.